My top five strengths are Responsibility, Futuristic, Relator, Strategic and Maximizer . They all represent me when the result came back and i got them i said yes those are all me. I’m a very futuristic person, I’m fascinated with tomorrow and I always anticipate and imagine what could or should be .

I’m a maximizer- I’m committed to excellence. I focus on what is strong and manage around what is weak , I aspire to meet or exceed a standard of excellence. I’m a very responsible person and so Responsibility just speaks to me. I always say if you’re not going to do something right you shouldn’t do it at all .

I’m  very willing to consider all the possibilities so best isn’t missed, thats where strategic comes in. I find the best route moving forward. I’m a very good Relator, I like to get to know more about people that are close to me. I’m very genuine and authentic and  I hate the initial social discomfort of meeting someone new. These are my five strengths and how they relate to me.