I joined iRose In Tech to learn more about information technology and to meet new persons. This program has taught me about more than just information technology , it made me understand more about my self and my goals . I have learnt that my top 5 signature themes they are Strategic, Futuristic, Relator, Maximizer and Responsibility  . This program helped me to understand my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and my threats .

This class is very helpful to all the girls who attend it because it gives us a better understanding about who we are , it helps us to understand what we can achieve in life  . The facilitators at iRose In Tech helped me to understand my self better . Every Saturday the facilitators educate us more about the world and ourselves. I love all the facilitators because they understand the students and they gives us help anytime we need it. If I was to pick the best class thats teaches about technology and our strengths in  the world I would pick the iRose in tech program.