My values are Health, Family, Honesty, Wealth,  and Success . Health is very important to me because I don’t like to be sick. I like to be physically active. I love to work out and eat healthy and take short walks in the sun. My family is important to me because without my family around I’m uncomfortable. My family gives me support in anything I do they just want to know I’m doing good.

I don’t like liars I will always give you a second chance but if you lie to me just know in yourself I’m not to going forgive or forget. I love persons that are honest to me, I just love to listen to the truth. I’m not going to lie.I tell lies sometimes to get me out of trouble but sooner or later i will tell you the truth. I will not tell a lie to someone I care about or love. My mom always tells me that the truth will let you free. 

I always wanted to be wealthy and successful. In the future I would like to buy anything I want, I don’t want to see something I want and I can’t afford it. That’s why I want to work hard and be successful in what I do. Money isn’t gonna come easy so I have to work hard for what I want .