In the next five years I see myself going to The Mona school of Business and Management studying Accounts . In the future I would like to be an Accountant or an Artiste. The reason why I want to become an Accountant is because I love Maths . The reason why I want to become an Artiste is because when I was in my mom’s womb, she told me when she was by herself her tummy was making a sound. She said I was singing so when I was born she always called me her lil artiste. Every Friday night she makes me sing karaoke songs in my room . My dad died when I was 11 and my mom is trying so hard for me to become something in life. I am working very hard,  I can write my own songs and build my own track on my moms computer. I have always want to be rich and I know in the future I will be because I’m hard working and I work for what I want.

So success looks very good to me because I’m achieving my goals and I’m slowly making my mom proud.