The iRose In Tech program has done a lot for me. It helped me with my strengths and my weaknesses. It helped me to be more outspoken. I have learnt about my top five signature themes and my top five values. My top five signature themes are Futuristic, Relator, Strategic, Maximizer and Responsibility and my values are Wealth, Dignity, Loyalty, Creativity, and Passion. I have learnt how to build websites using HTML and CSS and WordPress.

We went on a trip to Charles Town Maroon Town where we learnt about the maroon’s and how they live, the bush they use for medicine. We also ate maroon food and it was delicious. It was an explosion of vegetarian flavor. We danced with the maroons and I enjoyed myself. After we went to a waterfall and it was over the edge , I would recommend any one to go to Charles Town Maroon Town.

Special guests came here to speak to us about our future career and they gave tips on the working world and choosing the right career path. In the future I would like to become a accountant. A guest speaker by the name Dainya-joy Hayden told me a little about her world (shes an accountant ) and she told me about the subjects and the pressure she had to go through but in the end she got what she wanted.